October 4, 2010 - Christopher M. Perry, a third-year osteopathic medical student at Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (LMU-DCOM), was selected as the fourth student to ever attend the NASA Aerospace Medicine Research Clerkship at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Perry was assigned to the Advanced Space Projects Division, which is responsible for medical emergency contingency planning for deep space exploration missions. While there, he investigated the application of non-contact, remote vital sign monitoring via Ultra-Wideband Radar, Remote Photoplethysmography and Infrared Video technologies for possible inclusion on future space exploration missions. Perry also received familiarization training for aerospace physicians including operation of space shuttle and international space station simulators, mission control physician responsibilities and extra-vehicular “space walk” life support training with the STS-133 astronaut crew of space shuttle Discovery scheduled for its final mission on November 1, 2010. Perry completed his clerkship in August 2010, and the research he conducted while at Johnson Space Center is expected to be published this fall in a NASA technical journal.

“My time at NASA was an amazing experience,” said Perry. “The space program works to solve very complex medical issues that arise for astronauts in orbit. The research I conducted has immediate applications for the space program but can be applied to regular hospitals within 10-15 years.”

Perry is currently an Ensign in the United States Navy with ten years of military service to his credit. A native of Columbia, Tenn., Perry graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1999 with a bachelor of science in history and later obtained his master of science in psychology degree from Walden University in 2006. He attended naval flight school and received his “Wings of Gold” in 2001. Perry was elected class president his first year of medical school and was chosen a Student of the Year by his peers in 2009. After graduation he plans to train as an emergency physician.

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Caption: LMU-DCOM student Christopher M. Perry sits in the space shuttle simulator cockpit at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

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